Back Pain Patient Series

Introduction to Chiropractic Care

In this video, we outline what a chiropractor does, then we briefly explore the effects of care. 

Chiropractic Affects your Brain

A chiropractor will gently adjust any dysfunctional spinal segments, or what they call vertebral subluxations, to restore healthy movement. This can improve the communication between your brain, your body and the environment.

How the Brain Perceives the World

How you – or your brain – sees a situation may not be entirely accurate. Sometimes your brain even ‘fills in the blanks on your behalf! That means your experience isn’t 100% based on reality but is instead a perception of reality.

Understanding Lower Back Pain

One of the frustrating things for those with back pain is that doctors often don’t know what’s causing the pain, because most of the time the pain is due to a change in the way your back is moving and functioning, which changes the way your brain senses what is going on in your back