2.02 Communicating Chiropractic

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This class, called ‘Communicating Chiropractic Science’, covers why it’s important to share the science of chiropractic. The public is getting smarter about asking for proof of information, which is great. So, it’s important you know what chiropractic science has been done and how good it is. Poorly done research studies are meaningless, so you should only share research studies that are of decent quality.

There are also different types of research evidence. The basic sciences tell us about how things work and what things are. But clinical sciences are all about health outcomes. And this course is all about the clinical sciences. So, you will learn about what clinical science studies are, and we will look at some examples of health outcomes that can be measured.

Finally, we will look at the massive detrimental impact on health that stress has, and where chiropractic fits into this. You will end up with several clear great take-home messages or facts that you can share with the public.

Learning Outcomes

  • Summarize why communicating chiropractic science is important