BS2.07 – Introduction

This class covers the latest scientific understanding about pain, and how the feeling of pain is always created in the brain, due to either tissue damage, or even just the potential for tissue damage. The latest science tells us that pain is created in the brain – to warn us about danger. However, this system can go wrong due to maladaptive neural plasticity and is the reason for the development of chronic pain.

We cover how the feeling of pain can change and adapt over time depending on the person’s experiences. We now know that for a lot of chronic pain there may no longer be much tissue damage present at all. It can become a learnt problem within the brain itself. It is a very real problem, but the cause of the problem is likely to involve the brain itself to a larger degree than previously realised.

Learning Outcomes

  • The basic science neurophysiology of chronic pain
  • The old structural pathology model of pain
  • The new contemporary neuroplasticity model of pain
  • Science neurophysiology research about chiropractic in an easy to understand language