Heidi Haavik’s 9-week online course

This 9-week course provides you with practical knowledge about the latest information we know about the importance of good spinal function. This should help you answer common questions from your practice members (patients). This course is also designed to help you take advantage of several online resources your Chiropractors’ practice has access to – to help enlighten your practice members about the many scientifically proven benefits of chiropractic care. 

Week 1 – June 26 to July 2

Spend this week familiarising yourself with the website. Make sure that you can log in and access the content. If you are having trouble logging in, please contact support@chiroshub.com.

Heid’s 1st Live Zoom Class

Over the following 6 weeks, you will be able to work through the online classes below, with practical multiple-choice questions to ensure you are taking away the important information.

Week 2 – July 3 to 9

1.01 The first visit to a Chiropractor

42 Minutes – What to expect from your first visit and “what is that popping sound”

This class will give you an in-depth understanding of the first visit to a chiropractor and why people seek chiropractic care. It will explain that chiropractic care is about more than just helping people with neck and back pain, by understanding how chiropractic care works and how it influences the nervous system.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the basics of what chiropractic is, how it works, and what happens on the first visit to a chiropractor.
  • Explain what happens during joint cavitation and what the ‘popping’ sound is.

Week 3 – July 10 to 16

This class will give you an in-depth understanding of a chiropractic adjustment. You will learn about the brain, how the brain perceives the world, and what can occur when this perception of the world is inaccurate. This class will discuss the mechanisms of chiropractic adjustments and how they affect the brain so that you can easily explain to someone how an adjustment works.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the importance of the brain and accurate communication between the brain and body
  • Explain what a chiropractic adjustment is, how it works and what to expect for the first adjustment.

1.02 The first Adjustment

42 Minutes – What is an adjustment, how does it work and what to expect.

Zoom Class – July 19

Email assignments to support@haavikresearch.com

Week 4 – July 17 to 23

This class will give you an in-depth understanding of stress and how it affects our health. We will discuss different types of stress and the ways in which stress can affect our physical and mental health. This class covers how stress affects our brain. We will talk about symptoms, what they can mean and how chiropractic care addresses the cause of the symptoms, rather than the symptoms themselves.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain how stress affects our health
  • Summarise the evidence regarding chiropractic care and heart rate variability

2.01 How Stress affects your Health

55 Minutes – What causes symptons of stress and how chiropractic care may help.

Week 5 – July 24 to 30

This class covers the overall function of the brain and the spine and how spinal function can impact brain function. We will discuss spinal dysfunction and the mechanisms of how this affects the brain. We will also cover chiropractic research that demonstrates how spinal function and adjustments can affect the brain in various ways.

Learning Outcomes

  • The relationship between the brain and spine.
  • The research regarding chiropractic care and the impact on brain and spinal function.

2.03 Spinal Function affects Brain Function

54 Minutes – How spinal dysfunction can potentially send a confusing message to the brain.

1.03 Adjustments Improve Strength

43 Minutes – The effect of chiropractic on muscle strength and the latest research studies.

Week 6 – July 31 to August 6

It is important that people understand that chiropractic can have many benefits and how it affects the brain and nervous system. Specifically, this class covers what we know about the effects of chiropractic care on muscle strength. It will discuss the basics of muscle contraction and how the brain controls muscle force.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the basics of muscle contraction and force production
  • Summarize the evidence that shows that chiropractic adjustments improve muscle strength and prevent fatigue

Week 7 – August 7 to 13

This class, called ‘Communicating Chiropractic Science’, covers why it’s important to share the science of chiropractic. The public is getting smarter about asking for proof of information, which is great. It’s important you know what chiropractic science has been done and how good it is. Poorly done research studies are meaningless, so you should only share research studies that are of decent quality.

Learning Outcomes

  • Summarize why communicating chiropractic science is important

2.02 Communicating Chiropractic

61 minutes – why it’s important to share the science of chiropractic.

Week 8 – August 14 to 20

Heidi will explain what’s required for this week during one of the Zoom classes preceding it. It involves emailing your Practice worksheet answers to get the model answers from Heidi and her team.

Week 9 – August 21 to 27

Make sure you run your Practice workshop event with the rest of your office team prior to the last live Zoom class with Heidi. Send to support@haavikresearch.com

Final Zoom Class – August 23

Email assignments to support@haavikresearch.com